The smooth and soft baby skin is often affected by very bothersome health conditions such as eczema. Twenty percent of infants nowadays end up affected by baby eczema which is a rash that they get on their skin in various parts of their body as a result of some kind of allergic response of their immune system. The problem is easy to recognize by the flaky aspect, the scales and the rash red, dry look. Not too severe forms of  baby eczema on babies may be treated by very simple means: gentle, good quality cleansers and constant moisturizing of the skin.

Why is it that this condition appears so much in infant cases? Well, one reason is that young bodies have difficulties fighting against a problem that challenges their immune function in formation. They do not seem to have completely developed their epidermal barrier to such conditions and the fact that they scratch unconsciously can make it even worse. The adult skin has a top layer that serves in keeping moisture inside and irritant substances out and since infants’ skin has a superior sensitivity level,baby eczema  occurs more frequently. In addition, preventing it from turning worse is more difficult with infants as communication is impossible at such a young age and scratching will be carried out unconsciously. Then, substances that are normally tolerated by adult skin, will irritate the young tissues and cause dermatological imbalances. Babies may develop a condition from clothing or sheets washed with fabric softeners, not to mention that negative reactions can be attributed to heat, sweat or to the skin contact with rough materials such as wool. Excess of no matter what substance could determine an allergic response and the formation of a rash.

Last but not least, baby eczema is a lot more common when one of the parents has suffered from it. And, since parents know how to handle the situation from experience, they should do their best to ease or prevent the infant’s problem. It is important that mothers watch carefully for signs that may point to this condition and try to remove the factors to blame for this problem. It is pretty unpleasant to wake up one morning and find that your baby suffers from this condition and see the poor little one unable to deal with it.

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